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Single-Tube Cell Isolation and Enrichment.

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Industry-Leading Sensitivity
Intended for In Vitro Diagnostic use
Achieve 98% success rate using less than 500 µls of bone marrow¹
Complete a full FISH panel (6-9 slides) with less than 1% plasma cell percentage (by Flow)¹
Detect CD138+ cells in patients with Minimal Residual Disease¹
Reliably capture/isolate the decisive, atypical cells of consequence (bi-nucleated, multi-nucleated and plasmacytomas)
Quality control method that ensures you are only counting plasma cells
Achieve very limited QNS results¹
Reduce false negative results¹
Use precisely engineered spherical nanoparticles (not “rust”) to capture CD138+ cells
Use 2-3 µls of FISH Probe (using 12mm coverslip)
Achieve a monolayer of cells within a 6mm square area
Guaranteed product performance

Industry-Leading Throughput
<1 hour to process 8 specimens (80 slides) ready-for-FISH
≤ 15 minutes technologist time for manual FISH scoring and analysis¹
Enrich directly to the slide (avoid time and expense of the drop method)
Eliminate costly protease pretreatment methods from FISH protocol
Eliminate centrifugation and lysing steps²
Small footprint, space-friendly workstation

Industry-Leading Economics
Qualify for reimbursement through use of an FDA-registered IVD device
Increase revenue through the reduction of QNS and partial FISH panels
Achieve lowest net cost per specimen
No capital expenditure

¹Results provided by a designated NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center client
²Not applicable to all applications