WaveSense has been working with select clients to create its new, enhanced solution for CD138+ cell isolation and enrichment.
Seeing is Believing

Give us one hour, and we will prove that the NEW WaveSense solution is the industry’s most sensitive, efficient and effective cell isolation and enrichment technology and it’s the only technology "Intended for In Vitro Diagnostic Use" (IVD).

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Single-Tube Cell Isolation and Enrichment.

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Most Sensitive
Delivering complete FISH panels from most challenging specimens
Specimens with < plasma cell content
Specimen volumes of < 500 µL
Specimens 24-96 hours old

Most Effective
Delivering reliable results
Significantly reduce QNS and partial FISH panels
Optimized target cell recovery
Highly pure population of target cells (up to 99%)
Fixed target cell pellet to enable deferred FISH testing, including IGH reflex panels
Excellent cell morphology in a dispersed monolayer - - ideal for FISH
Quality control method to highlight target cells
Enhanced FISH scoring and analysis
Sharp, bright FISH signals

Most Efficient
Delivering easy, timely workflow
A simple single-tube process to run all required FISH slides
<1 hour to process 8 specimens (80 slides) ready-for-FISH
Single 15 mL conical tube compatible with cytogenetic lab protocols

Whether you replace your existing cell enrichment platform or just add our enhanced technology to address the limitations of those platforms (specimens with low plasma cell percentages, small volumes or those over 24-hours old), you need the new WaveSense solution in your lab.