WaveSense Start-Up Promotion

The WaveSense S1110 Start-Up Promotion includes all the tools you need to bring the most specific and sensitive targeted cell isolation and enrichment solution to your FISH slide preparations. Just select your antibody and you are ready to go.
Due to the unparalleled sensitivity of its products, WaveSense provides the most effective targeted cell isolation and enrichment solution, requiring only a small specimen to deliver the maximum number of pure target cells.
Importantly, the WaveSense direct-to-slide process eliminates steps required by competitive processes that are both time-consuming and compromise specimen integrity… making the WaveSense cell enrichment platform the industry’s most effective and efficient workflow solution.
Put the WaveSense direct-to-slide cell enrichment technology to work for you today at this special introductory offer.
All products are intended for In Vitro Diagnostic Use.