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EpiSep® Hybridization Slide

Model #A3104-10

EpiSep® HS offer simple, fast, and versatile direct-to-slide cell enrichment technology.
The EpiSep® HS utilizes paramagnetic antibodies and patented lateral-flow separation technology to identify and capture target cells from biological fluid samples in preparation for downstream molecular cytology applications.

EpiSep HS® can be used whenever it is desirable to reduce or eliminate multiple centrifugation and cell transfer steps associated with slide preparation for Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH). When used with magnetically labeled target cells, and a permanent magnet, cell suspensions can simultaneously be de-bulked of background cells as target cells are deposited on the slide surface. EpiSep HS® is compatible with reagents, operating temperature ranges, and equipment typically used in FISH.
-  Rapid review of target cells in fewer fields of view
-  Flexibility allows for test menu expansion
-  No capital equipment required
-  No columns or filters required
-  Capture target cells in a defined area directly onto a microscope slide
-  Compatible with all biological fluids
-  Standard format microscope slide
-  Process between 100 μl and 6 mL of sample