Cell Isolation & Enrichment.


The industry’s most sensitive, efficient and effective cell isolation and enrichment technology.


WaveSense is the Leader in

Targeted Cell Isolation & Enrichment.


WaveSense's in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products provide the most sensitive targeted cell enrichment solution, requiring only a small specimen to deliver the maximum number of pure target cells while simultaneously eliminating background cells.





The WaveSense workflow is the industry’s most efficient and effective targeted cell enrichment process. By depositing a target cell monolayer directly unto a FISH-ready slide, WaveSense eliminates time-consuming processing steps while simultaneously reducing FISH analysis time.

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Optimum Cell Isolation & Enrichment…



WaveSense technology not only finds the needles… it eliminates the haystack!

The unparalleled purity and specificity delivered by WaveSense ensures you are analyzing target cells and significantly reduces false and ambiguous results.

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WaveSense enables you to complete a full FISH panel (6-9 slides) with less than 500 µls of bone marrow and less than 1% plasma cell percentage.

WaveSense provides you with the most efficient workflow, delivering 8 specimens, up to 80 FISH-ready slides in <1 hour.

WaveSense enables you to significantly increase revenue through IVD reimbursement and a dramatic reduction of QNS results and partial FISH panels.